Tim Cera


Pyslice is a specialized templating system that replaces variables in a template data set with numbers taken from all combinations of a grouped series of numbers. It creates a dataset from input template files for each combination of variables in the series.


The hspfbintoolbox is a Python script to read Hydrological Simulation Program Fortran (HSPF) binary files and print to screen. The time series can then be redirected to file, or piped to other command line programs like `tstoolbox`.


Astronomia is a Python library and small applications for astronomical calculations. It is based on earlier work by Bill McClain called Astrolabe, which is no longer available.


The wdmtoolbox is a Python script to read/write/manage Watershed Data Management (WDM) files used for time-series in hydrology and hydrological simulation.


The swmmtoolbox is a Python script to read the Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) version 5 binary output files.


Command line driven tool to retrieve time-series from different on-line sources and format to work with the tstoolbox.