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The wdmtoolbox

The wdmtoolbox is a Python script and library to read/write/manage Watershed Data Management (WDM) files used for time-series in hydrology and hydrological simulation. WDM files are used in the Hydrological Simulation Program - FORTRAN (HSPF) and the Better Assessment of Science Integrating point and Non-point Sources (BASINS). HSPF is a part of the BASINS system.

EPA BASINS - (http://water.epa.gov/scitech/datait/models/basins/)

Aqua Terra, BASINS download - (http://ftp.hspf.com/)


If these requirements are not locally available, 'pip' or 'easy_install' will attempt to download and install.

If you use the source distribution you have to have a FORTRAN compiler installed and configured for your environment.

Installation for the Impatient

Compile From Source

Aside from using pre-compiled binaries on Windows, the following command needs gcc, gfortran, and probably want the Python science stack already installed.

pip install wdmtoolbox