Minimal demo of a Qt issue

For investigation of an issue where QML module imports appear to suddenly have their case squashed between Qt 5.7(.0) and 5.7.1 (import MyAppContent 1.0 started producing an error message about myappcontent).

The module is in MyAppContent and is compiled to MyAppContent.rcc in the build scripts; this is then explicitly QResource::registerResource-ed in the main.cpp. This is mainly just to mirror the behaviour of the app this issue was originally detected in... I'd be surprised if compiled-in resources were any more immune to the issue though.


Think this is now understood. See https://forum.qt.io/topic/88004/something-about-module-import-paths-changed-in-qt5-9-1-uppercase-squashed-to-lowercase.


NB First you will need to change, in whichever build script you use:

  • The path to your Qt dir (and possibly version) in those scripts.

Build with:

  • OSX: ./MAKE-mac (builds qtissue.app)
  • Linux: ./MAKE-linux builds ./qtissue (reference Debian 8.10 (Jessie); NB not expected to work with Debian's Qt4!)

NB Use make distclean to clean up before changing the Qt version used.