Experiments with tomographic reconstruction. This is not intended to be a polished, "finished product". The code is good enough to convince the author he had a reasonable understanding of the algorithms described, and to produce interesting material for a poster on the topic (if the project has any sort of "final output", it's the poster at

The important stuff is the generate and recon- implementations, and the poster. Most directories have makefiles to run their experiments, although exactly what's configured to run may need attention.

Main contents:

  • generate: Creates sinogram (Radon transform) for testing.
  • recon-fbp: Filtered back projection reconstruction
  • recon-art: Algebraic reconstruction technique
  • recon-sart: SART/SIRT-like iterative technique
  • recon-quad: Direct least squares solution (NB needs an enormous amount of RAM and time)
  • poster: Description of the project


  • analyse: Creates some plots for accuracy of reconstruction.
  • colour: Sinograms and FBP on colour images (for fun/as an "effect") ? Not progressed.
  • experiment: Experiments to check some python/scipy things did what's expected.
  • lib: Helper code
  • movie: Fold reconstruction outputs into a movie (animated GIF)


Copyright 2012-2013 Tim Day. This project's code is open to inspection in a public repository in the hope it will be of interest and value to others contemplating or undertaking a similar endeavour.


Besides the books referenced on the poster, the following were also of some interest:

Statistical (e.g expectation maximisation algorithms) have yet to be implemented here (and would be the obvious next target):