Laurens Holst committed 1de4a7a

Link to download page when javascript disabled or OS not detected. (issue2192)

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     os_link: function() {
-        document.location.href = this.downloads[this.parse_os()];
+        var os = this.parse_os();
+        if (this.downloads[os]) {
+            document.location.href = this.downloads[os];
+            return false;
+        }
+        return true;
     register_download:function(type, url) {


                     <div class="col">
                         {% block sidebar %}
-                        <a class="download typeface-js" href="#" onClick="javascript:dl.os_link()">
+                        <a class="download typeface-js" href="/downloads" onClick="javascript:return dl.os_link();">
                                     <strong>Download now</strong>
                                     Mercurial <em>{{ downloads['current'] }}</em>
                                     <span><script language="javascript">dl.os_detection();</script></span>
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