Pierre-Yves David avatar Pierre-Yves David committed 5c031e1

test: turn the base public

usefull for followup that test phases enforcement.

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   $ hg bookmark -i feature-A
   $ sed -i'' -e s/Eins/Un/ main-file-1
+  $ hg phase --public 0 -v
+  phase changed for 1 changesets
   $ hg amend --note 'french looks better'
   1 new unstables changesets
   $ hg log
   | |/
   | o  1:568a468b60fc@default(draft) a nifty feature
-  @  0:e55e0562ee93@default(draft) base
+  @  0:e55e0562ee93@default(public) base
   $ hg debugsuccessors
   524e478d4811 f8111a076f09
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