Pierre-Yves David  committed 6b2f50c

hook: work around insanely huge value in obsolete pushkey call

The value is not that useful and make shell call explode.

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File hgext/

     if util.safehasattr(repo, '_journalfiles'): # Hg 2.2
         o_journalfiles = repo._journalfiles
     o_writejournal = repo._writejournal
+    o_hook = repo.hook
     class obsoletingrepo(repo.__class__):
+        # workaround
+        def hook(self, name, throw=False, **args):
+            if 'pushkey' in name:
+                args.pop('new')
+                args.pop('old')
+            return o_hook(name, throw=False, **args)
         ### Public method
         def obsoletedby(self, node):
             """return the set of node that make <node> obsolete (obj)"""