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The stable branch has multiple heads

Mutable History For Mercurial

Extends Mercurial feature related to Changeset Evolution

This extension provides several commands to mutate history and deal with
issues it may raise.

It also:

    - enables the "Changeset Obsolescence" feature of mercurial,
    - alters core commands and extensions that rewrite history to use
      this feature,
    - improves some aspect of the early implementation in 2.3

**These extensions are experimental and are not meant for production.**

You can quicky enable it by adding the line below to the extensions
section of you hgrc::


But it's recommended to look at the doc in the first place.

See doc/ directory for details.

Online version of the doc is available:



The simplest way to contribute is to issue a pull request on bitbucket.

However, some cutting edge change may be found in a mutable repository hosted
by logilab before they are published.


Make sure to check lastest draft changeset before submitting new changeset.


1.0.2 --

- fix hg fold bug
- fix hg pull --rebase
- fix detection of conflict with external tools
- adapt to core movement (caches and --amend)

1.0.1 -- 2012-08-31

- documentation improvement
- fix a performance bug with hgweb

1.0 -- 2012-08-29

- Align with Mercurial version 2.3 (drop 2.2 support).
- stabilize handle killed parent
- stabilize handle late comer
- stabilize handle conflicting
- stabilize get a --continue switch
- merge and update ignore extinct changeset in most case.
- new "troubled()" revset
- summary now reports troubles changesets
- new touch command
- new fold command
- new basic olog alias

- rebase refuse to work on public changeset again
- rebase explicitly state that there is nothing to rebase because everything is
  extinct() when that happen.
- amend now cleanly abort when --change switch is misused

0.7 -- 2012-08-06

- hook: work around insanely huge value in obsolete pushkey call
- pushkey: properly handle abort during obsolete markers push
- amend: wrap the whole process in a single transaction.
- evolve: tweak and add EOL to kill warning
- obsolete: fix doc, rebase no longer aborts with --keep
- obsolete/evolve: fix grammar in prerequisite messages
- evolve: avoid duplication in graft wrapper
- evolve: graft --continue is optional, test

0.6 -- 2012-07-31

- obsolete: change warning output to match mercurial core on
- qsync: ignore unexistent nodes
- make compat server both compatible with "dump" and "dump%i" version

0.5 -- 2012-07-16

- obsolete: Detect conflicting changeset!
- obsolete: adapt to core: marker are written in transaction now
- evolve: add the solve alias to obsolete
- doc: big update of terms and summary of the concept
- evolve: switch the official name for "kill" to prune

0.4.1 -- 2012-07-10

- [convert] properly exclude null successors from convertion
- Ignore buggy marker in newerversion

0.4.0 -- 2012-07-06

- obsolete: public changeset are no longer latecomer.
- obsolete: move to official binary format
- adapt for new mercurial
- obsolete: we are not compatible with 2.1 any more

0.3.0 -- 2012-06-27

- obsolete:  Add "latecomer" error detection (stabilize does not handle resolution yet)
- evolve:    Introduce a new `uncommit` command to remove change from a changeset
- rebase:    allow the use of --keep again
- commit:    --amend option create obsolete marker (but still strip)
- obsolete:  fewer marker are created when collapsing revision.
- revset:    add, successors(), allsuccessors(), precursors(), allprecursors(),
             latecomer() and hidden()
- evolve:    add `prune` alias to `kill`.
- stabilize: clearly state that stabilize does nto handle conflict
- template:  add an {obsolete} keyword

0.2.0 -- 2012-06-20

- stabilize: improve choice of the next changeset to stabilize
- stabilize: improve resolution of several corner case
- rebase:    handle removing empty changesets
- rebase:    handle --collapse
- evolve:   add `obsolete` alias to `kill`
- evolve:   add `evolve` alias to `stabilize`