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cmenu: add 'Annotate File' menu

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              'parents': revisions, 'heads'  : revisions, 'update' : update,
              'clone'  : clone,     'serve'  : serve,     'synch'  : synch,
              'about'  : about,     'config' : thgconfig, 'recovery': recovery,
-             'grep'   : datamine}
+             'datamine': datamine }
 def get_list_from_file(filename):
     fd = open(filename, "r")
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             result.append(TortoiseMenu(_("Undo Changes"),
                            _("Revert selected files"),
                            self._revert, icon="menurevert.ico"))
+            result.append(TortoiseMenu(_("Annotate File"),
+                           _("show changeset information per file line"),
+                           self._annotate, icon="menublame.ico"))
             result.append(TortoiseMenu(_("Checkout Revision"),
         self._run_dialog('update', noargs=True)
     def _grep(self, parent_window):
-        self._run_dialog('grep')
+        # open datamine dialog with no file brings up a search tab
+        self._run_dialog('datamine', noargs=True)
+    def _annotate(self, parent_window):
+        # open datamine dialog with files brings up the annotate
+        # tabs for each file
+        self._run_dialog('datamine')
     def _run_dialog(self, hgcmd, noargs=False, verbose=True, modal=False):
         if self._folder:
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