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+# Use configure scripting service that take -Dscript parameter as input to run
 timemachine.scheduler.userservice.scriptingService.class = timemachine.scheduler.userservice.ScriptingService
 ScriptingService.scriptEngineName = Groovy
 ScriptingService.initScript = ${script}
-timemachine.scheduler.schedulerName = TimeMachineScheduler
-timemachine.scheduler.nodeName = Node1
-# Use MySQL for scheduler as data store
+# Configure a dataStore service you want the script to operate on.
 timemachine.scheduler.dataStore.class = timemachine.scheduler.hibernate.HibernateDataStore = update
 timemachine.scheduler.dataStore.hibernateDataStore.hibernate.connection.driver_class = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
 timemachine.scheduler.dataStore.hibernateDataStore.hibernate.connection.url = jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/tmscheduler
 timemachine.scheduler.dataStore.hibernateDataStore.hibernate.connection.username = admin


+		<!-- For testing purpose, we will add groovy profile -->
+		<profile>
+			<id>groovy</id>
+			<dependencies>
+				<dependency>
+					<groupId>org.codehaus.groovy</groupId>
+					<artifactId>groovy-jsr223</artifactId>
+					<version>2.0.0</version>
+				</dependency>
+			</dependencies>
+		</profile>
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