Zemian Deng avatar Zemian Deng committed 8cab404

Added Help menu link.
Added helpful hint to enable event history when record count is zero.
Show user services list only if count > 0.

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 	<li><a href="${ pageContext.request.contextPath }/services">Services</a></li>
 	<li><a href="${ pageContext.request.contextPath }/config">Config</a></li>
 	<li><a href="${ pageContext.request.contextPath }/console">Console</a></li>
+	<li><a href="https://bitbucket.org/timemachine/scheduler/wiki/WebConsole">Help</a></li>


 <%@ include file="header.inc" %>
 <h2>Scheduler Event Histories</h2>
-<p>There are ${ fn:length(eventHistories) } events found.</p>
+<c:when test="${ fn:length(eventHistories) <= 0 }">
+<p>There is no history event found.</p>
+<p>NOTE: This feature is disabled by default. To see history events, ensure you have enable this feature in scheduler 
+<p>There are ${ fn:length(eventHistories) } history events found.</p>
 <%@ include file="footer.inc" %>


+<c:if test="${ not empty userServices }">
 <h2>Scheduler User Services</h2>
 <%@ include file="footer.inc" %>
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