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Project Organization Tasks: Pick a project name and License usage: TimeMachine Scheduler / Apache License 2.0 Migrate initial experimental code from googlecode into bitbucket. Setup project: timemachine/scheduler, hg repository, wiki, issue trackers. Setup project UserGroup or forum. Register to upload release into Maven Central: Setup wiki home page and introduction. Write wiki ReferenceManual: User and Developer Guide. Create timemachine/scheduler-demos project to experiment and explore scheduler as user. (web, spring, load testing, and dbhistory etc.) Setup openshift hosting for maven site reports and demos. Perform first release and staging to OSS Sonatype then into Maven Central.

Project Code Tasks: Maven: multi modules with timemachine-scheduler and timemachine-dist pom.xml setup API: Scheduler, JobDef, JobTask, Schedule, CoreServices, Service, ServiceContainer API: SchedulerListener, ConfigPropsListener, CoreServicesListener, JobTaskFactory Impl: SchedulerFactory, SchedulerEngine, SystemServiceContainer, UserServiceContainer Impl: ConfigPropsService, ClassLoaderService, JobListenerNotifier Impl: MemoryDataStore, DynamicThreadPool, PollingScheduleRunner Impl: DateListSchedule, CronSchedule, RepeatSchedule JobTasks: LoggerJobTask, OsCommandJobTask, ScriptingJobTask UserServices: JobLoaderService, CrontabService Tool: SchedulerServer Tests: Unit and Integration tests. Distribution: Prepackage Groovy and Log4j as extra libraries.

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