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Issue #21 resolved

Clean up and small fixes

Zemian Deng
created an issue
  • Fix database properties samples with validation query.
  • Update default.properties with database config as commented out sample.

Comments (8)

  1. Zemian Deng reporter

    Tasks/New small features

    • (done) update wiki ref manual (EventHistoryService)
    • (done) add schedule priority on JOB LIST page
    • (done) Change UI menu: Jobs Histories Services Config Console
    • (done) EventHistoryServe javadoc
    • (done) ScriptingUtils - unify script engine creation.
  2. Zemian Deng reporter


    • (done) webui job list does not return schedule list after pause when using HibernateDataStore only.
    • (done) JobListenerService not suppose to be a SystemService.
    • (done) Paused schedule's nextRun and prevRun datetime values are still updating! (Missed run is still been called.)
    • (done) web Edit Config loads default even we specify -Dtimemachine.scheduler.configUrl=config/scheduler-mysql.properties
  3. Zemian Deng reporter
    • (done) EventHistoryService add filter.
    • (done) update wiki ref manual (Schedule priority)
    • (done) update wiki ref manual (Writing custom schedule)
    • (done) timemachine-web/pom.xml exclude deploy
  4. Zemian Deng reporter
    • (done) Add static JobLoaderService.load()
    • (done) Create HealthServlet and action on webapp
    • (done) Rename servlet and view names to be consistent and create simple URL.
    • (done) Fixed user service page table missing data by using wrong jsp variable nam.
  5. Zemian Deng reporter
    • (done) Add CrontabService.load()
    • (done) Publish timemachine-web.war as demo to openshift
    • (done) Rework maven site and demo url on openshift
    • (done) write doc for web cosole war app (including health check and load configUrl)
    • (done) Add Scheduler.getCoreServices
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