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See our ReleaseNotes for details.

Stable Release

We have two full distribution files under the Download tab

  • A timemachine-web-x.y.z.war web application that you may drop into any web container and have the scheduler running.
  • A package that has the standalone server to run in command prompt.

Or, you may use it as maven dependency library in your pom.xml file:


We publish our release artifacts to Maven central. (Note: if it's a new release, it might take some times to sync up to maven central!)

Snapshot Release from Latest Development

If we made enough progress on the latest branch, we will publish a snapshot of it. You should see them under Download tab as well.

If you want the maven dependency for our snapshot releases, then add this repository to your pom.xml:



See SchedulerWebDemo for more information.


User Forum - Got questions? Post them there. We also make release announcement there.

Bug Tracker - Found a bug in our software? Please help file a bug report there. You may also post any feature requests there as well.

Team Members

If you have passion with programming, please chime in! We welcome contributions. See our CommittersGuide to get started.

NameContactJoined DateStatusRoles
Zemian Dengsaltnlight5@gmail.comFeb-2012ActiveCreator, developer, doc writer, and maintainer of this project.


Apache License 2.0


See WeWantToGive