1. timepilot
  2. pygame-tutorial


Developed for the Intro to Game Programming tutorial at US PyCon 2012 and
revised a little for PyCon APAC 2012.

Video of the tutorial (from the US PyCon) is at

The source files starting with numbers are steps along the development of
the platformer.py game. A cocos2d implementation of the platformer is in
platformer-cocos.py with a slightly juiced-up version in

The other game skeletons are driving.py, minesweeper.py, side_scroller.py
and tower_defence.py (the last is a cocos2d game.)

There is also some examples of pylepton in action in effects.py

Copyright 2012 Richard Jones <richard@mechanicalcat.net>
This code is placed in the Public Domain.