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Andy Mikhailenko  committed 079cbd3

Rename --ppl to -w/--with-person in commands punch-out and log-activity

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File timetra/cli/__init__.py

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 @arg('-t', '--tags', help='comma-separated list of tags')
-@arg('-p', '--ppl', help='--ppl john,mary = -t with-john,with-mary')
-def punch_out(description=None, tags=None, ppl=None):
+@arg('-w', '--with_person', help='-w john,mary = -t with-john,with-mary')
+def punch_out(description=None, tags=None, with_person=None):
     "Stops an ongoing activity tracking in Hamster."
     assert storage.hamster_storage
     extra_tags = []
     if tags:
-    if ppl:
-        extra_tags.extend(['with-{0}'.format(x) for x in ppl.split(',')])
+    if with_person:
+        extra_tags.extend(['with-{0}'.format(x) for x in with_person.split(',')])
     if extra_tags:
 @arg('-u', '--until', help='activity end time (HH:MM)')
 @arg('--duration', help='activity duration (HH:MM)')
 @arg('-b', '--between', help='HH:MM-HH:MM')
-@arg('--ppl', help='--ppl john,mary = -t with-john,with-mary')
+@arg('-w', '--with-person', help='-w john,mary = -t with-john,with-mary')
 @arg('--dry-run', default=False, help='do not alter the database')
-@arg('--pick', default=None, help='last activity name to pick if --amend flag '
+@arg('-p', '--pick', default=None, help='last activity name to pick if --amend flag '
      'is set (if not given, last activity is picked, regardless of its name)')
 @arg('--no-input', default=False, help='no additional interactive input')
 @wrap_errors([storage.StorageError, NotFoundError], processor=failure)
     tags = [HAMSTER_TAG_LOG]
     if args.tags:
         tags = list(set(tags + args.tags.split(',')))
-    if args.ppl:
-        tags.extend(['with-{0}'.format(x) for x in args.ppl.split(',')])
+    if args.with_person:
+        tags.extend(['with-{0}'.format(x) for x in args.with_person.split(',')])
     if args.pick and not args.amend:
         raise CommandError(failure('--pick only makes sense with --amend'))
             kwargs.update(activity=activity, category=category)
         if description is not None:
-        if args.tags is not None or args.ppl is not None:
+        if args.tags is not None or args.with_person is not None:
         changed = []