timetra / TODO

Full commit

* Add swappable backends (hamster/orgtool).


* punch_in: smart `-c` with `--upto DURATION` modifier to avoid overlapping
* _parse_time: add free-form time spec from scripts/timedelta.
* undo!! this is missing in Hamster and makes it a minefield.


* Use a tzrules file to properly convert local time to UTC.

Curses client:

* Add a command line to hamster_curses (like vi).
* Make category colours configurable.
* Add smart procrastination detection.

  Procrastination is not a property of an activity on its own; it's rather a
  property of an activity in the context of current priorities and the
  possibilities to tackle higher-priority tasks.  That is, the user is
  procrastinating if current activity has lower priority than a number of
  planned actions doable right now.