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 Reports of 2007
+The `PyPy EU Final Activity Report`_ summarizes the 28 month EU project
+period (Dec 2004-March 2007) on technical, scientific and community levels. 
+You do not need prior knowledge about PyPy but some technical knowledge about 
+computer language implementations is helpful.  The report contains reflections 
+and recommendations which might be interesting for other project aiming 
+at funded Open Source research. *(2007-05-11)* 
 `D09.1 Constraint Solving and Semantic Web`_ is  a report about PyPy's logic
 programming and constraint solving features, as well as the work going on to
 tie semantic web technologies and PyPy together. *(2007-05-11)*
 `D14.4 PyPy-1.0 Milestone report`_ (for language developers and researchers)
 summarizes research & technical results of the PyPy-1.0 release and discusses
 related development process and community aspects. *(2007-05-01)*
 `D14.1 Report about Milestone/Phase 1`_ describes what happened in the PyPy
 project during the first year of EU funding (December 2004 - December 2005)
+.. _`PyPy EU Final Activity Report`: http://codespeak.net/pypy/extradoc/eu-report/PYPY-EU-Final-Activity-Report.pdf
 .. _`D01.2-4 Project Organization`: http://codespeak.net/pypy/extradoc/eu-report/D01.2-4_Project_Organization-2007-03-28.pdf
 .. _`D02.1 Development Tools and Website`: http://codespeak.net/pypy/extradoc/eu-report/D02.1_Development_Tools_and_Website-2007-03-21.pdf
 .. _`D02.2 Release Scheme`: http://codespeak.net/svn/pypy/extradoc/eu-report/D02.2_Release_Scheme-2007-03-30.pdf

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 .. _`iCalendar format`: webcal://pypycal.sabi.net///calendars/PyPy.ics
 .. _eventhistory: eventhistory.html
+PyPy EU funding period over, Review ahead 
+The 28 month EU project period of PyPy is over and new things are to come!  
+On 11th May we `submitted last documents`_ to the European Union and are now 
+heading towards a 31st May Review Meeting in Bruxelles.  The `PyPy EU Final
+Activity Report`_ summarizes what we did and what we have in mind
+on technical, scientific and community levels.  It also contains reflections 
+and recommendations possibly interesting to other projects aiming at 
+EU funded Open Source research.*(2007-05-12)* 
+.. _`submitted last documents`: http://codespeak.net/pypy/dist/pypy/doc/index-report.html 
+.. _`PyPy EU Final Activity Report`: http://codespeak.net/pypy/extradoc/eu-report/PYPY-EU-Final-Activity-Report.pdf
 PyPy 1.0: JIT compiler generator, optimizations and more