= ruby-pg: Ruby interface to PostgreSQL RDBMS

This is the extension library to access a PostgreSQL database from Ruby. This
library works with PostgreSQL 7.4 and later.

== Requirements

* Ruby 1.8.6 or later.
* PostgreSQL 7.3 or later installed.

It may work with earlier versions as well, but those are not regularly tested.

== How To Install

Install via RubyGems:

  gem install pg

Or install from source:

  rake install

You may need to specify the path to the 'pg_config' program installed with

  rake -- --with-pg-config=<path to pg_config>

For example, on a Mac with PostgreSQL installed via MacPorts 
(<tt>port install postgresql84</tt>):

  rake install -- --with-pg-config=/opt/local/lib/postgresql84/bin/pg_config

See README.OS_X for more information about installing under MacOS X, and 
README.windows for Windows build/installation instructions.

== Copying

This library is copyrighted by the authors.

* Yukihiro Matsumoto <matz@ruby-lang.org> - Author of Ruby.
* Eiji Matsumoto <usagi@ruby.club.or.jp> - One of users who loves Ruby.
* Jeff Davis <ruby-pg@j-davis.com>

Thanks to:
* Noboru Saitou <noborus@netlab.jp> - Past maintainer.
* Dave Lee - Past maintainer.
* Guy Decoux (ts) <decoux@moulon.inra.fr> 
* Jeff Davis <ruby-pg@j-davis.com>
* Michael Granger <ged@FaerieMUD.org>

You may redistribute this software under the terms of the Ruby license,
included in the file "LICENSE". The Ruby license also allows distribution
under the terms of the GPL, included in the file "GPL".

Portions of the code are from the PostgreSQL project, and are distributed
under the terms of the BSD license, included in the file "BSD".

Portions copyright LAIKA, Inc.

== Acknowledgments

We are thankful to the people at the ruby-list and ruby-dev mailing lists.
And to the people who developed PostgreSQL.