FPyS - An Amazon FPS Client for Python

FPyS utilizes the REST interface to the Amazon Flexible Payment system to allow Python developers easy access to the Flexible Payment System. The library works out of the box with Python 2.5. ElementTree is a required install in environments not yet running 2.5. FPyS is released under the MIT license.

The library has grown through the development of it's first example applcation, FPeS, and so not all API methods are properly implemented yet. The API will become better implemented and better tested as applications are written against it. If you would like to help with the testing and implementation, please make use of the support resources listed below.

Support Resources:
FPyS Website: http://fpys.achievewith.us Amazon FPS Website: http://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=342430011 Amazon AWS Forums: http://developer.amazonwebservices.com/connect/forumindex.jspa