= Game of Life Live Wallpaper for Android = 

Ever wanted Conway's Game of Life running in the background on your
Android phone?  This project is for you.  

== Requirements to build == 

# The Android SDK
# The tools directory from the SDK should be in your PATH
# A device or emulator with API revision >= 7
# Ant (or Eclipse with the ADT plugin, or other configured IDE)

== Build the project == 

$ cd LifeWallpaper
$ ant compile

== Install the project on a device or emulator ==
$ ant install

If you have more than one device or emulator installed, you will need
to specify the target.  To get a list of device identifiers, run the 

$ adb devices

Find the identifier of your device in the left hand column and use
it when you run the install command like so:

$ ant -Dadb.device.arg="-s emulator-5556" install