99 Problems in Clojure

This package is intended as a resource for people learning
Clojure. The goal is to have a simple framework available in which the
learner can define solutions to various problems and have them
automatically checked against sample input and output.  The overall 
result should wind up being something somewhat similar to having a 
prebuilt set of unit tests to run against.

As a first set of problems I'll attempt to implement "P-99:
Ninety-Nine Prolog Problems," a fairly well-known set of programming
exercises intended for Prolog programmers.  You can find these 
problems online here:

They have also been adapted to various other languages.  There is a
set of Lisp translations here, which I'll probably follow where

If I wind up with something I like, I may also have a go at setting up
specifications for Project Euler, a similar set of programming
exercises which are more math-oriented.