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Franziska is more pythonic REST-client for AllegroGraph, which is most interesting graph-database. Mainly, it supports semantic data and has good infer-system.

Franziska has much more user-friendly and pythonic interface than official repositories has.

In near future, Franziska will support curl, tornado async httpclient, gevent and zmq as transportlayer.

Usage example, taken from doctest:

>>> from base import *
>>> import query
>>> db = Franziska( auth = ('root', 'baas471'))
>>> db.connect()
>>> repo = db.repositories['test']
>>> repo.size() #doctest: +ELLIPSIS

>>> query = query.SparqlQuery( query = r'select ?s where {?s ?age "33"}', limit = 1)
>>> repo.execute(query)
>>> db.close()

For developers:

Franziska is currently envolving and therefor it does not have final inner structure. My first target was to develop nice python user interface, then refactor all code. If coded will finally be refactored, then i am going publish it as normal and installable python package.

For testing: