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Wrappers and profilers for different httpclients,

Currently wrapped httpclients:

  1. Tornado AsyncClient
  2. Curl based Tornado
  3. Curl with CurlMulti
  4. Curl with Gevent spawns
  5. Curl based Gevent0.14
  6. Urllib/Requests


  • execution time by using timeit
  • profile callings by using cProfile


  1. Compare clients get-requests against httpbin server


  • to read usage manual or find supported profiling funcs or clients :
$> python -h

Example: Measure 10 times access time for 5 request using tornado AsyncHTTPClient:

$> python --clients tornado --runs 10 --requests 5

or use multiculti:

$> python --clients multicurl  --runs 5 --requests 10

Tips: new gevent is in installed into virtualenv gevent14

  • to activate it: source gevent14/bin/activate
  • to deactivate: deactivate