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File www/app.pyc

Binary file modified.

File www/templates/users.html

 	<div class = "row">
 		<div span = "16">
-			<table class = "zebra-stripes">
+			<table class = "zebra-striped">
 			{% for user in users%}

File www/users/

 	'''page that will rendered if specific user id's are not given'''
 	if request.method == "GET":
 		cur = g.db.users.find({}, 
-			{"_id", "first_name", "last_name", "specialities"})
+			{"_id":True, "first_name":True, "last_name": True, "specialities": True})
 		#TODO: fix that problem
 		#transform object_id to string

File www/users/user_view.pyc

Binary file modified.