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Welcome to TogglPy!

TogglPy is python client for Toggl timetracking API.

What is toggl

Toggl is a timesheet killer and a way to increase income by not leaving hours on the table. If you haven’t tracked it, you can’t bill it. Toggl is popular with freelancers, groups, and small companies. It’s internet-based and can be up and running from scratch in less than a minute. It has desktop widgets, an iPhone app, and an iGoogle gadget for even faster access. Read more ...

Usage example

from togglpy import Toggl
import time

print "Little usage example:\n"
toggler = Toggl()
print toggler.time_entries
#starts 1st time_entrie on list
print "doing some serious work next 10 seconds and then close time_entry"

You can read more specific usage example from doctests in tests folder.

Demos and possible usage ideas

  1. add time_entry (tasks) to google calendar
  2. csv importer/exporter
  3. tweet started/ended time entries
  4. built time_tracking into your website.

Have fun!