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Added changelog note for multi-environment support for configs

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 			<li>Added <kbd>$config['cookie_secure']</kbd> to the config file to allow requiring a secure (HTTPS) in order to set cookies.</li>
 			<li class="reactor">Added the constant <kbd>CI_CORE</kbd> to help differentiate between Core: TRUE and Reactor: FALSE.</li>
+			<li class="reactor">Added support for <a href="libraries/config.html#environments">environment-specific</a> configuration files.</li>

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 <p>Where <var>item_name</var> is the $config array index you want to change, and <var>item_value</var> is its value.</p>
+<a name="environments"></a>
 <p>You can set the environment of you application and load config items depending on the current environment. It also disables PHP from displaying errors in environments other than development. To set your environment, open <strong>index.php</strong>, located at the root and change the <var>ENVIRONMENT</var> constant. By default, there is support for a development, test and production environment.</p>