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    This website is built on
    - DMD 7 - https://bitbucket.org/timofey-com/dmd-7 - a starter kit
    - Autoplat - https://bitbucket.org/timofey-com/autoplat - this makes modular development fun

    This website is compatible with
    - DMD 7 SE - https://bitbucket.org/timofey-com/dmd-7-se - this takes care of the server work

Installation Instructions (it's super easy!)

    Development Environment - Great for developing (uses DMD 7 SE)
    Install Vagrant. Execute Vagrantfile.

    Production Environment - Creates a production ready server and installs website (uses DMD 7 SE)
    1) SSH into your Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server
    2) Run:
        sudo -s
        # Install Git
        apt-get update
        apt-get -y install git
        # Get DMD 7 SE (Which prepares the server)
        git clone https://drtimofey@bitbucket.org/timofey-com/dmd-7-se.git /tmp/dmd-7-se
        chmod 755 -R /tmp/dmd-7-se
        # You may skip the next line you're adding a site to an existing server
        # Add website
        /tmp/dmd-7-se/prd-setup-website.sh https://drtimofey@bitbucket.org/timofey-com/timofey.com-website.git
    3) To update the site in the future, run
        /var/www/{your website name}/update.sh

    Manual - If you have the server already setup (does not use DMD 7 SE)
    1) Install a new version of Drupal 7 and place the current contents into /sites/all.
    2) Enable custom_core module.

You can see the live site @ http://timofey.com