What is NUSPacker

NUSPacker is an open-source tool to pack files into an installable format for the WiiU. To install the created packages, you need to run a patched iosu (see: https://github.com/dimok789/iosuhax)

How do I use it?


To use this, you'll a folder which contains a "code", "content" and "meta" folder. Make sure that the content folder is not empty.

To save you some typing you can also create a text file "encryptKeyWith" which contains the common key as hexstring (32 characters). This will be used to encrypt the encryption key.

Pack files

To pack files, you can use these arguments:

-in             ; is the dir where you have your decrypted data. Make this pointing to the root folder with the folder code,content and meta.
-out            ; Where the installable package will be saves

(optional! will be parsed from app.xml if missing)
-tID            ; titleId of this package. Will be saved in the TMD and provided as 00050000XXXXXXXX
-OSVersion      ; target OS version
-appType        ; app type
-skipXMLParsing ; disables the app.xml parsing

(optional! defaults values will be used if missing (or loaded from external file))
-encryptionKey  ; the key that is used to encrypt the package
-encryptKeyWith ; the key that is used to encrypt the encryption key

In most cases the following command will be totally fine. (make sure to have a valid app.xml)

java -jar NUSPacker.jar -in "inputDir" -out "outputDir"

Without common key stored in file.

java -jar NUSPacker.jar -in "inputDir" -out "outputDir" -encryptKeyWith 12345678123456781234567812345678