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 #!/usr/bin/env python
+import decimal
 cdef class Query:
     cdef list conditions
     cdef public int max_rows
     cdef constchar_p order_column
-    def __init__(Query self, *conditions):
+    def __init__(Query self, *conditions, **kwargs):
         self.conditions = [c for c in conditions if isinstance(c, Condition)]
-        self.offset = 0
-        self.max_rows = -1
+        self.offset = kwargs.pop("offset", 0)
+        self.max_rows = kwargs.pop("max_rows", -1)
         self.order_column = NULL
+        for k, v in kwargs.items():
+            if isinstance(v, unicode):
+                v = v.encode('utf8')
+            if isinstance(v, str):
+                self.conditions.append(Condition(k, EQUALS, v))
+            elif isinstance(v, (int, long, float, decimal.Decimal)):
+                self.conditions.append(Condition(k, NUM_EQUALS, str(v)))
+            else:
+                raise ValueError("%r => %r, unicode, str, int, long, float or Decimal expected.")
     def __and__(Query self, other):
         if isinstance(other, Condition) and other not in self.conditions:
                 self.order_mode = NUM_ASC
                 self.order_mode = STRING_ASC
+        return self
 cdef class Condition:
     cdef str col
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