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    :synopsis: Additional classes for common responses.
 HttpResponse subclasses
 Django extras includes a number of additional ``HttpResponse`` subclasses
 that handle different types of HTTP responses. These subclasses are defined in
 Common HTTP response types
 Common response codes, most of these codes are defined in the
 `W3C Protocol specification`_. This collection also includes status codes that
 .. _W3C Protocol specification:
-*Successful 2xx responses*
+Successful 2xx responses
 .. class:: HttpResponseCreated
     Status code 206
-*Redirection 3xx responses*
+Redirection 3xx responses
 All responses within the 3xx class inherit from :class:`HttpResponseRedirect`.
     Status code 303
-*Client Error 4xx responses*
+Client Error 4xx responses
 .. class:: HttpResponseUnAuthorised
     Status code 426
-*Server Error 5xx responses*
+Server Error 5xx responses
 .. class:: HttpResponseNotImplemented
 Enhanced response types
 .. class:: FileResponse