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Django Extras documentation

Project Status

This is a fairly new project, while this package is utilised in production on
several projects the status will remain as beta until unit-test coverage has
been expanded. Documentation is now fairly complete, in general areas of the
code base that have not been documented should be considered unstable.

Getting help

* Report bugs with Django Extras with the `issue tracker`_.

.. _issue tracker:

What's in Django Extras

Django Extras is a project that provides extensions for Django_ to solve common
development situations not (or not yet) covered by the core Django framework.

Examples of this include:

* additional decorators
* model mixins to easily assign owners to a model
* additional model and form fields
* greatly expanded collection of default response classes

See :doc:`ref/index` full reference.

First steps

If you are new to Django it is recommended you visit the `Django documentation`_
as they have excellent documentation to get you up and running.

.. _Django:
.. _Django documentation:

Other batteries included

* :doc:`Authentication <topics/auth>`

Source code

Full `source code`_ is available in Bit Bucket.

.. _source code:
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