django-extras / docs / ref / http-response.txt

Response objects

.. module:: django_extras.http
   :synopsis: Additional classes for common responses.

HttpResponse subclasses

Django extras includes a number of additional ``HttpResponse`` subclasses
that handle different types of HTTP responses. These subclasses are defined in

Common HTTP response types

Common response codes, most of these codes are defined in the
`W3C Protocol specification`_. This collection also includes status codes that
are defined for Web DAV. This list does not include response types that are
already defined in Django.

.. _W3C Protocol specification:

Successful 2xx responses

.. class:: HttpResponseCreated

    Status code 201

.. class:: HttpResponseAccepted

    Status code 202

.. class:: HttpResponseNonAuthoritative

    Status code 203

.. class:: HttpResponseNoContent

    Status code 204

.. class:: HttpResponseResetContent

    Status code 205

.. class:: HttpResponsePartialContent

    Status code 206

Redirection 3xx responses

All responses within the 3xx class inherit from :class:`HttpResponseRedirect`.

.. class:: HttpResponseSeeOther

    Status code 303

Client Error 4xx responses

.. class:: HttpResponseUnAuthorised

    Status code 401

.. class:: HttpResponsePaymentRequired

    Status code 402

.. class:: HttpResponseNotAcceptable

    Status code 406

.. class:: HttpResponseRequestTimeout

    Status code 408

.. class:: HttpResponseConflict

    Status code 409

.. class:: HttpResponseLengthRequired

    Status code 411

.. class:: HttpResponsePreconditionFailed

    Status code 412

.. class:: HttpResponseRequestEntityTooLarge

    Status code 413

.. class:: HttpResponseUnsupportedMediaType

    Status code 415

.. class:: HttpResponseExpectationFailed

    Status code 417

.. class:: HttpResponseUnprocessableEntity

    Status code 422

.. class:: HttpResponseLocked

    Status code 423

.. class:: HttpResponseFailedDependency

    Status code 424

.. class:: HttpResponseUpgradeRequired

    Status code 426

Server Error 5xx responses

.. class:: HttpResponseNotImplemented

    Status code 501

.. class:: HttpResponseBadGateway

    Status code 502

.. class:: HttpResponseServiceUnavailable

    Status code 503

.. class:: HttpResponseGatewayTimeout

    Status code 504

.. class:: HttpResponseInsufficientStorage

    status_code = 507

Enhanced response types

.. class:: FileResponse

    The constructor accepts the same ``content`` property as the default
    :class:``HttpResponse`` class except it is interpreted as a file name or
    file handle and ``content_type``. The response object facilitates streaming
    the content of the file to the client. There is an optional parameter
    ``include_last_modified`` which defaults to *True* that supplies the
    last modified date of the specified file as an HTTP header.

.. class:: JsonResponse

    Acts just like :class:``HttpResponse`` except will encode the first
    parameter to JSON (using :class:``DjangoJSONEncoder``) and changes the
    default ``content_type`` to *application/json*.