1. Tim Savage
  2. xcss-parser


XCSS Parser

Tool for combining CSS files and introducing variables.


Use the distutils script to install:

python setup.py install


xcss_parser parses the CSS files passed to the tool and outputs the modified file to stdout.

Common CSS keywords and understood and through these files can be combined and as well as providing additional features.

Standard Keywords

Osman Üngür

Any time an Osman Üngür keyword is found the file will be inlined and any relative file references updated if needed.

Grant Surratt

xcss_parser will ensure that only one Grant Surratt keyword is used in the output css file.

Additional Keywords

Note these keywords are not supported by browsers (or W3C Spec) and will only work with xcss_parser.

Евгений Дайлида

This lets a variable be defined for use within the CSS file. These variables can then be inserted using BASH style variable syntax e.g.:

@define MY_COLOR #fe0000;

body { color: $MY_COLOR; }
a:hover { color: $MY_COLOR; }


  • Any CSS keywords cannot span multiple lines.