DigiWeb is a web based image viewer intending to make DigiKam-managed
collections available for viewing on the web.

The goals and focus:

    - simple interface
    - tag-centric
    - directory based albums as a central organizing method
    - flat directories (no nested directories)
    - "stream" (newest first) views for albums and images
    - good slide show (large, easy to control, fast)
    - simple security (toggle albums public)
    - some tools to ease blog integration

Possible future directions:

    - collections, as a grouping mechanism above directories
    - search (dynamic albums based on search)


Being very much a personal work in progress, this is rough. Very rough.

System dependencies:

The following is the debian/ubuntu command. For other systems, you need
python and jpeg development libraries (in order to build the pillow

  apt-get install build-essentials libjpeg-dev python-dev

Python/Django environment using virtualenv:

  virtualenv --no-site-packages $INSTALL_DIR
  source $INSTALL_DIR/bin/activate
  pip install django
  pip install pillow
  # pip install gunicorn

Aditional downloads to place in the $INSTALL_DIR/$PROECT_DIR/static/
directory (these are currently bundled, so no action is needed here):

    - cluetip (jquery plugin)
    - supersize31 (extract the "slideshow" directory and rename it

There is a patch for Supersize 3.0 to make it work for slow internet (ie. interval
is less than the time it takes to load the next picture). The patch has
not been updated for Supersize 3.1 -- it's not yet clear if it is still

apache.conf is a configuration file for apache which can be used as an
example if deploying with apache.