timtoo committed ceb1b95

fix album links on pages after first page of albums:
don't set "isalbum" flag when viewing album lists (ie. no albumid provided)

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         subtitle = album.title_or_name()
         thumbtype = 'image'
         menu = [ {'name': 'tags', 'title': 'Tags in this album'}, ]
+        isalbum = True
         if request.user.is_authenticated():
             menu.append({ 'name': 'blog', 'link': '/digiweb/album/%s/blog' % album_id })
         albums = Digiweb_Albums.objects.filter(role_id=2)
+        isalbum = False
         page = thumbPage(request, albums, page_size=config.ALBUMS_PER_PAGE)
         subtitle = "Newest albums..."
         thumbtype = 'album'
         response = render(request, 'album.html', {
             'page': page, 'subtitle': subtitle,
             'title': config.SITE_NAME, 'tags': tags, 'thumbtype': thumbtype,
-            'menu': menu, 'isalbum': True })
+            'menu': menu, 'isalbum': isalbum })
     return response
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