Cuevanalinks is a command line program to download, play or get links of contents from .

Documentation is in

Source code and Issue Tracker:


CuevanaLinks is based on top of cuevanalib . Also uses plac as command line arguments parser. progressbar is used to give feedback while downloading.

Everything is available via easy_install or pip

Example usage

  • Get help:

    $ cuevanalinks -h
    usage: cuevanalinks [-h] [-s] [-d] [-p] [-l {es, en, pt}] [-r None]
                        title [episode] [end]
    CuevanaLinks 0.4 - 2011 Martin Gaitán
    A program to retrieve movies and series (or links to them) from
    positional arguments:
      title                 Look for a movie or show with this title or URL. If
                            it's not an URL and `episode` is empty a movie is
      episode               Specifies a season/episode of a show. Examples: S01 (a
                            whole season), s02e04, 1x4 If `end` is given retrieve
                            the slices including limits
      end                   Specifies the end of season/episode slices (including
                            it). Examples: S01 (a whole season), s02e04, 1x4
    optional arguments:
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -s, --subs            Download subtitles (if available)
      -d, --download        Download the contents instead show links
      -p, --play            Play while download. This automatically buffer enough
                            data before call the player. It's possible define the
                            player command in the config file
      -l {es, en, pt}, --language {es, en, pt}
                            Define the language of subtitles. Default: 'es'
      -r None, --max_rate None
                            Max File transfer rate (in kbps)
  • Download Black Swan:

    $ cuevanalinks -d 'black swan'

  • Retrieve URLs of one specific episode of a show:

    $ cuevanalinks house 4x10
  • Download the complete 4th season of Mad Men and its subtitles (in spanish):

    $ cuevanalinks -d -s 'mad men' s04

    Note that you can also handle downloads through Tucan

    $ cuevanalinks -s 'mad men' s04 > links.txt && tucan -d -i links.txt
  • Retrieve links of 'Seinfeld' between s02e10 and the last one of 4th season limiting the filetransfer rate to 30kbps

    $ cuevanalinks -r 30 seinfeld s02e12 s04
  • Retrieve URLs of El secreto de sus ojos (The Secret in Their Eyes) and download subtitles in english:

    $ cuevanalinks 'secreto de sus ojos' -s -l en