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Added utility function for getting the one board connected

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File pyfirmata/

+def get_the_board(base_dir='/dev/', identifier='tty.usbserial',):
+    """
+    Helper function to get the one and only board connected to the computer
+    running this. It does needs the ``base_dir`` and ``identifier`` though. It
+    will raise an IOError if it can't find a board, on a serial, or if it
+    finds more than one.
+    """
+    boards = Boards(base_dir='/dev/', identifier='tty.usbserial')
+    if len(boards) == 0:
+        raise IOError, "No boards found in %s with identifier %s" % (base_dir, identifier)
+    elif len(boards) > 1:
+        raise IOError, "More than one board found!"
+    return boards[boards.keys()[0]]
 class Iterator(threading.Thread):
     def __init__(self, board):
         super(Iterator, self).__init__()