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First of all, thank you very much for this tiny and efficient OLED library. There are a lot many projects based on your OLED implementation.

One of such port for your code is But this is outdated as you have recently updated your code to support SSD1315 also. I am trying to prototype one of the games based on

For this prototype version, I am using a cheap OLED display. I am not sure if the display has SSD1306, SSD1315 or SH1106. But I can confirm that the display is working and I have tested that on Arduino Uno using Adafruit SSH1306 library. I have also tested the display using Digistump's USB board based on ATTiny85 and some sample source code posted on:

But the OLED is not working when I use your library. It does not show anything and remains black. I have attached two sample projects which are working and one sample source code which is not working (which is using your library)

I have tried porting your code and have used only few parts of your code which will enable me to display some texts. If you can look around this issue or even guide me in solving the problem, that will be really helpful.

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  1. Tejashwi Kalp Taru

    I replaced your I2C implementation with TinyI2C and used selected code, now it’s working fine with my OLED. I guess there is something wrong or I am missing something with your I2C implementation. I have attached the working port for reference

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