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ATM client simulation

Brady Ouren

client: ./client [atmID]

@Premkumar Subramanian atmID - specify which atm you are connecting to

The client interface asks for a username (3 digit number) and a valid password before entering the prompt for requests. This validates the user with the banks database and allows the user to continue only if they have valid credentials to avoid passing the clients information around on every request


  • check balance
  • deposit
  • withdraw

atm: ./atm [atmID] [bank_name]

@Premkumar Subramanian atmID - specify the atm identification name (3 digit alphanumeric) @Premkumar Subramanian bank_name - the HOSTNAME of bank / defaults a bind on port 8000 Type ./ --list to list the available atm IDs

the atm info is kept in a file called atm_list which holds a record: atmID || host || port || bank_associated_with || amount_held in each row

  • Receives connections from client and passes info on to the bank it is associated with.
  • There is a Low Threshold and High Threshold which represent the mimimum of cash which should be kept at hand
  • each atm starts with a default of $100,000.00

bank: ./bank [file_of_account]

@Premkumar Subramanian bank.db - space delimited list for each account at this bank


holds: account_number1 passwd balance1 account_number2 passwd balance2 ...etc - each BankServer instance is associated with the banks specific db, or [file_of_account]

Initial Amount

defaults to $100,000,000.00

distributed files

the atm_utils should be accessible to atm and client and db_utils to bank. Obviously bank, bank_balance, and bank.db should be together as well