defusedexpat / CHANGES.txt


defusedexpat 0.4

*Release date: 25-Feb-2013*

- Make code source compatible to Python versions without hash randomization.
- Include latest version of expat patch

defusedexpat 0.3

*Release date: 19-Feb-2013*

- Disable some tests on Windows because proxy trick doesn't work
- Remove 'bomb protection' suffix from CAPI MAGIC
- Don't support additional kwargs in _elementtree when XML_BOMB_PROTECTION
  is not available.
- Implement better and more flexibel get/set feature API in expat
- Add module functions to set global settings

defusedexpat 0.2

*Release date: 15-Feb-2013*

- Python 3.1 support
- Misc fixes and improvements

defusedexpat 0.1

*Release date: 11-Feb-2013*

- Initial and internal release for PSRT review