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test for cyclic entities

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 import re
 from xml.sax.saxutils import XMLGenerator
+from xml.sax import SAXParseException
+from pyexpat import ExpatError
 from defusedxml import cElementTree, ElementTree, minidom, pulldom, sax
 from defusedxml import (DefusedXmlException, DTDForbidden, EntitiesForbidden,
     from defusedxml import lxml
+    from lxml.etree import XMLSyntaxError
     LXML3 = lxml.LXML3
 except ImportError:
     lxml = None
+    XMLSyntaxError = None
     LXML3 = False
     dtd_external_ref = False
     external_ref_exception = ExternalReferenceForbidden
+    cyclic_error = None
     xml_dtd = os.path.join(HERE, "xmltestdata", "dtd.xml")
     xml_external = os.path.join(HERE, "xmltestdata", "external.xml")
     xml_simple_ns = os.path.join(HERE, "xmltestdata", "simple-ns.xml")
     xml_bomb = os.path.join(HERE, "xmltestdata", "xmlbomb.xml")
     xml_bomb2 = os.path.join(HERE, "xmltestdata", "xmlbomb2.xml")
+    xml_cyclic = os.path.join(HERE, "xmltestdata", "cyclic.xml")
     if PY26 or PY31:
         # old Python versions don't have these useful test methods
         self.assertRaises(EntitiesForbidden, self.parseString,
+    def test_entity_cycle(self):
+        self.assertRaises(self.cyclic_error, self.parse, self.xml_cyclic,
+                          forbid_entities=False)
     def test_dtd_forbidden(self):
         self.assertRaises(DTDForbidden, self.parse, self.xml_bomb,
 class TestDefusedElementTree(BaseTests):
     module = ElementTree
     # etree doesn't do external ref lookup
     external_ref_exception = ElementTree.ParseError
+    cyclic_error = ElementTree.ParseError
     def parse(self, xmlfile, **kwargs):
         tree = self.module.parse(xmlfile, **kwargs)
         return self.module.tostring(tree.getroot())
 class TestDefusedMinidom(BaseTests):
     module = minidom
+    cyclic_error = ExpatError
     iterparse = None
     def parse(self, xmlfile, **kwargs):
 class TestDefusedPulldom(BaseTests):
     module = pulldom
+    cyclic_error = SAXParseException
     dtd_external_ref = True
     iterparse = None
 class TestDefusedSax(BaseTests):
     module = sax
+    cyclic_error = SAXParseException
     content_binary = True
     dtd_external_ref = True
 class TestDefusedLxml(BaseTests):
     module = lxml
+    cyclic_error = XMLSyntaxError
     content_binary = True
     iterparse = None


+<!DOCTYPE xmlbomb [
+<!ENTITY a "123 &b;" >
+<!ENTITY b "&a;">
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