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 The `defusedxml package`_ contains several Python-only workarounds and fixes
 for denial of service and other vulnerabilities in Python's XML libraries.
-All functions and parser classes accept two additional keyword arguments.
+All functions and parser classes accept three additional keyword arguments.
 forbid_dtd (default: False)
   disallow XML with a ``<!DOCTYPE>`` processing instruction and raise a
-  DTDForbidden exception
+  DTDForbidden exception when a DTD processing instruction is found.
 forbid_entities (default: True)
-  disallow XML with ``<!ENTITY>`` declarations inside the DTD and raise a
-  EntitiesForbidden exception
+  disallow XML with ``<!ENTITY>`` declarations inside the DTD and raise an
+  EntitiesForbidden exception when an entity is declared.
-All parsers also enforce a hard ban of external entities and retrieval of
-external DTDs by raising an ExternalReferenceForbidden exception.
+forbid_external (default: True)
+  disallow any access to remote or local resources in external entities
+  or DTD and raising an ExternalReferenceForbidden exception when a DTD
+  or entity references an external resource.
 parse(), parseString(), DefusedExpatBuilder, DefusedExpatBuilderNS
 parse(), parseString()
 parse(), parseString()