defusedxml / CHANGES.txt


defusedxml 0.4

*Release date: 25-Feb-2013*

- As per please REJECT
  CVE-2013-0278, CVE-2013-0279 and CVE-2013-0280 and use CVE-2013-1664,
  CVE-2013-1665 for OpenStack/etc.
- Add missing parser_list argument to sax.make_parser(). The argument is
  ignored, though. (thanks to Florian Apolloner)
- Add demo exploit for external entity attack on Python's SAX parser, XML-RPC
  and WebDAV.

defusedxml 0.3

*Release date: 19-Feb-2013*

- Improve documentation

defusedxml 0.2

*Release date: 15-Feb-2013*

- Rename ExternalEntitiesForbidden to ExternalReferenceForbidden
- Rename defusedxml.lxml.check_dtd() to check_docinfo()
- Unify argument names in callbacks
- Add arguments and formatted representation to exceptions
- Add forbid_external argument to all functions and classs
- More tests
- LOTS of documentation
- Add example code for other languages (Ruby, Perl, PHP) and parsers (Genshi)
- Add protection against XML and gzip attacks to xmlrpclib

defusedxml 0.1

*Release date: 08-Feb-2013*

- Initial and internal release for PSRT review
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