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Release preparations.

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 		  #2855609: Dangling positionPtr after error.
 		  #2894085: Buffer over-read and crash in big2_toUtf8().
 		  #2958794: Memory leak in poolGrow.
+		  #2990652: CMake support.
 		  #3010819: UNEXPECTED_STATE with a trailing "%" in entity value.
 		  #3206497: Unitialized memory returned from XML_Parse.
 		  #3287849: make check fails on mingw-w64.
 		- Patches:
 		  #1749198: pkg-config support.
 		  #3010222: Fix for bug #3010819.
+		  #3312568: CMake support.
 		  #3446384: Report byte offsets for attr names and values.
 		- New Features / API changes:
 		  Added new API member XML_SetHashSalt() that allows setting an intial
 		  When compiled with XML_ATTR_INFO defined, adds new API member
 				XML_GetAttributeInfo() that allows retrieving the byte
 				offsets for attribute names and values (patch #3446384).
+		  Added CMake build system. See bug #2990652 and patch #3312568.
 Release 2.0.1 Tue June 5 2007
         - Fixed bugs #1515266, #1515600: The character data handler's calling
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