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fixed internal TagLib singleton initialization against double-checked locking so that it is multi-thread safe

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File Source/FreeImage/Plugin.cpp

 #include "FreeImageIO.h"
 #include "Plugin.h"
+#include "../Metadata/FreeImageTag.h"
 // =====================================================================
 using namespace std;
 FreeImage_Initialise(BOOL load_local_plugins_only) {
 	if (s_plugin_reference_count++ == 0) {
+		// initialise the TagLib singleton
+		TagLib& s = TagLib::instance();
 		// internal plugin initialization

File Source/Metadata/FreeImageTag.h

-	Class to hold tag information (based on Meyers’ Singleton).<br>
+Class to hold tag information (based on Meyers’ Singleton).<br>
-	Sample usage :<br>
-	<code>
-	TagLib& s = TagLib::instance();
-	TagInfo *tag_info = s.getTagInfo(EXIF_MAIN, 0x0100);
-	</code>
+Sample usage :<br>
+TagLib& s = TagLib::instance();
+TagInfo *tag_info = s.getTagInfo(EXIF_MAIN, 0x0100);
+Note on multi-threaded applications : 
+The singleton pattern must be carefully constructed in multi-threaded applications. 
+If two threads are to execute the creation method at the same time when a singleton 
+does not yet exist, they both must check for an instance of the singleton and then 
+only one should create the new one.
+The classic solution to this problem is to use mutual exclusion on the class that 
+indicates that the object is being instantiated.
+The FreeImage solution is to instantiate the singleton before any other thread is launched, 
+i.e. inside the FreeImage_Initialise function (see Plugin.cpp). 
 class TagLib {