Poly/ML Monitor

A graphical monitoring application for Poly/ML processes.

By Magnus Stenqvist and Tjark Weber

Poly/ML Monitor

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Installation Notes (Linux)

  1. Install Java. Make sure that java invokes the Java VM.

  2. Install Poly/ML. The monitor is known to work with Poly/ML 5.5.3. Use other versions at your own risk.

  3. Download and unpack poly-ml-monitor.tgz.

  4. Run poly-ml-monitor.

Caveat: If you have several versions of Poly/ML on your machine, make sure that the Poly/ML monitor and the application(s) that you want to monitor are using the same version. Use Settings > Poly/ML Command to point the Poly/ML monitor to a specific Poly/ML executable.

Other operating systems are currently unsupported. Feel free to submit a feature or pull request.


Please report bugs and feature requests via the issue tracker.