tk0.gaerunner is python script launcher for Google App Engine. tk0.gaerunner is wrapping some APIs using remote API calls, So launched scripts are able to manupilate resources on appengine environment.

% gaerunner my_app_id scripts/data_import.py

Source code and issue tracker can be found at https://bitbucket.org/tk0miya/tk0.gaerunner.

Setting up AppEngine

Before executing tk0.gaerunner, you must set up development environments.

  • AppEngine SDK (google_appengine_1.x.x.zip)
  • Accept remote_api calls on your application

Setup AppEngine SDK

Install AppEngine SDK. Use appfy.recipe.gae.

Accept remote_api_calls on your application

you must set up your application to accept remote_api calls. Add remote_api handler to your app.xml and deploy it to Appengine.

- url: /remote_api
  script: $PYTHON_LIB/google/appengine/ext/remote_api/handler.py
  login: admin

Setting up tk0.gaerunner using buildout

If you use buildout for setting up development environments, add above parts to buildout.cfg.

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs =
extra-paths =


0.1.0 (2010-12-12)

  • first release
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