Add components that allow description of MCTS algorithms in THTS.

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MCTS algorithms (most importantly, UCT) can be modelled as THTS algorithms, and similar versions can be run in PROST, but they always differ in some details. Adding a random walk search engine and an initialization component that allows to add only a single successor to the tree should suffice to model UCT exactly in the version that is described by Kocsis and Szepesvari. (issue from 26.11.2015)

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  1. tkeller reporter

    The addition of a random walk search engine and a initializer that adds only a single node to the explicated tree allows to use the "original" UCT within PROST. Even though it would be nice to have a more general MCTS class that allows the specification of algorithms in terms of a tree policy (which is already possible by definition of a THTS action selection ingredient) and a default policy (which is not supported yet) I regard this issue as fixed for now since I am not aware of a default policy other than the random walk policy that has been implemented with this issue. (comment from 11.12.2015)

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