Implementation of IPPC 2018 requirements

Issue #51 resolved
geisserf created an issue

In the context of IPPC2018 the RDDL server protocol was updated. There is an additional message the client has to send to indicate that it is about to start to execute the k runs that are actually used to compute the planner's score. For changes to the protocol see here

Further changes down in comments.

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  1. geisserf reporter

    @tkeller Do we have to stay backwards compatible or is it ok if PROST is not compatible with older versions of the server protocol?

  2. tkeller repo owner

    PROST can always send the execute message. I think the server doesn't mind it even if it's not used (otherwise, I'll update the server)

  3. geisserf reporter

    @tkeller with commit e676fee (in prost-dev) the planner always enables the execute-policy flag. I think this should be ok for the general planner, as users competing in the IPPC2018 have to implement their own simulation strategy anyway, and therefore have to decide for themselves when they want to enable the flag. Do you agree?

  4. tkeller repo owner

    There is other stuff, like for instance the planner name, that has to be adapted if someone else bases their code on PROST, so I think that's not a problem.

    Thanks for implementing this!

  5. tkeller repo owner

    I accidentally continued with IPC 2018 related changes in this issue, maybe you can change the title?

    I added support of the action-preconditions section, non-fluents in the instance block and the possibility to omit a max-nondef-actions specification to the parser.

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